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Be a part of us on Wednesday, January 25 at noon Pacific for the Classic Electronics Hack Chat with Keri Szafir!

The planet of the hardware hacker is stuffed with smells. The forbidden but engaging waft of solder smoke, the acrid bite of the Magic Blue Smoke, the heady aroma of freshly greased gears, the unmistakable smell of scorching steel — they all explain to a tale, at times superior, in some cases poor.

But the scent inside a piece of classic electronics? Now which is a difficult tale in fact. It could be the wax of the previous capacitors, the resinous scent of perfectly-baked resistors, the enameled wire in transformers, or just the smell of the hot glass of the vacuum tubes. Whichever it is, the moment you smell it, you will never neglect it

For some of us, that initially whiff begins a lifelong enthusiasm for classic gear. Keri Szafir knows quite nicely what it’s like to be bitten by the classic bug, so substantially so that she goes by “The Vacuum Tube Witch” above on her YouTube channel. Her projects consist of repairs and restorations of vintage amps and radios, and even new builds with outdated tubes. She’ll cease by the Hack Chat to communicate about classic electronics, tube hoarding gathering, and even her new curiosity in retro exhibit technologies. Exactly where there is a tube, there is a way!

Our Hack Chats are stay local community situations in the Hack Chat team messaging. This week we’ll be sitting down down on Wednesday, January 25 at 12:00 PM Pacific time. If time zones have you tied up, we have a useful time zone converter.



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